Sherlock is excited to announce preferred pricing with Base!
Sherlock is thrilled to continue supporting teams building on Base and will be able to offer special discounts and audit grants for teams in the Base ecosystem.

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Mobilize Sherlock’s distributed network of auditors to protect your users from the most dangerous vulnerabilities
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The best of
both worlds

Sherlock takes the best parts from legacy audits and audit contests to create the most secure audit in Web3.

Traditional Audit Strength

Ensures a high level of performance and personalized recommendations

Audit Contest Strength

Surfaces the widest range of exploits with an incentive to find each incremental bug

Dedicated top-tier security experts

A top-ranked security expert audits your code and reviews fixes

Crowdsourced incentivized auditing

Hundreds of incentivized security experts pore over your codebase

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Customers who entrust their security to Sherlock

Working with Sherlock has been nothing but positive. They're a trusted security partner that ensures Avail can keep realizing our vision of building tomorrow's trust-minimized applications.
We had a great experience engaging Sherlock for an audit of our cross-chain airdrop contracts built in partnership with Connext. Sherlock's decentralized auditing process is organized well, and after reviewing the results I think our contracts received as much or more detailed review than would be provided by a typical audit. We'd be happy to work with Sherlock again.
Working with Sherlock as an auditor for our latest smart contracts was incredibly valuable. The contest was well run and produced great insights and findings about our codebase. The Sherlock team was helpful in coordinating everything and making sure the process was smooth. Will definitely work with Sherlock again.
Index Coop has had many audits performed by top-tier firms and independent security researchers, but none of them compare to Sherlock in terms of coverage, comprehension, and collaboration. The contest model paired with a dedicated security researcher has led to the highest impact outcomes for our protocol and we consistently recommend Sherlock to other protocols regardless of what stage they are in.
A huge thank you to the entire Sherlock community for their support with this audit - we hope to see some of you on the virtual football pitch soon!
Truflation wants nothing less than to change the way global data is consumed forever. To do that, we require the deep expertise in auditing that only Sherlock brings, which we believe is the best-performing underwriter in Web3.
Getting an audit from Sherlock doesn't end with the report, as being challenged by so many great security researchers promotes constant improvement for all of us here at SYMMIO. Closing our last audit with zero findings is a testament to this!
More outstanding work from Sherlock. We're all about building cool products that the community can enjoy — and it's crucial in this space that they can do so with the peace of mind that our contracts are iron-clad.
Working with Sherlock was a great experience. The contests were thorough and well-organized, and the Watsons were some of the best security analysts in the industry. The smart contract coverage and bug bounty were a huge perk, but even had these not been part of the package we would have worked with them anyway.
Notional has gotten 14 audits from 6 different firms, and ever since we first used Sherlock in October of 2022 they have been, and will continue to be for the foreseeable future, our exclusive audit provider. Sherlock is the best audit experience we've ever had, hands down.
Optimism’s codebase was audited by the best in the industry before coming to Sherlock, and the Sherlock audit contest still surfaced unique issues that we were grateful to learn about before deploying. If possible, I’d recommend any protocol team try a Sherlock audit before going to mainnet.
The Sherlock security team has been invaluable - finding issues early in the smart contract dev cycle.
The Sherlock team is solving a much needed problem in the space and we’re honored to be clients.
Perennial has done multiple audits with Sherlock and has been continually impressed with the process, from scheduling to onboarding to operation the Sherlock team makes it extremely easy to get audits done. Having used both audit firms and other contest audit platforms, we have found the auditors in Sherlock's contests to be exceptional - finding numerous complex and subtle bugs that had otherwise gone unnoticed. We are excited to continue to use Sherlock for future protocol upgrades
DODO has done 3 audits through Sherlock now and we consider them an essential auditing partner for any future updates. The audit process is extremely thorough and the Sherlock team makes the process very smooth. It feels like Sherlock’s incentives are aligned with DODO’s which is a great feeling. We recommend Sherlock at the top of our list whenever we talk to other protocol teams.
We're thankful for Sherlock's deep security knowledge and expertise and appreciate the entire Sherlock team for their diligent work and commitment!
Sentiment was the very first audit contest customer on Sherlock and it’s been impressive to see how much the platform has evolved since then. Would highly recommend any protocol team try a Sherlock audit contest before shipping to mainnet. The robust community of independent auditors and watsons make contests incredibly impactful!

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Sherlock is the only auditor to offer bug bounty and exploit coverage post-audit

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Put your protocol’s smart contracts through the most thorough security audit ever created.
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Hundreds of eyeballs

Utilize the power of crowdsourced incentives for the hardest-to-find bugs

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How much does an audit contest cost?
Our audit contests are extremely cost-effective. Clients pay a small fixed fee to post a bounty for community participation. The more issues found, the more the rewards paid from that bounty. We handle verifying issues and payouts to make it simple. The collective insights greatly outweigh the small fixed cost. Ready to tap into community expertise and boost your security? Request an audit today to get started.
How do audit contests work?
Our audit contests incentivize the community to review code. We post bounties and developers compete to find vulnerabilities. The more issues discovered, the more rewards earned. It amplifies our auditing with diverse skills. We verify each submission, pay findings accordingly, and inform clients of all vulnerabilities so they can fix before launch. This allows tapping collective insights to supercharge audits.
Are your audits guaranteed?
Our audits follow best practices and are conducted by top experts, but we can't guarantee all vulnerabilities will be discovered. Code is complex and new risks emerge constantly. We make no guarantees but provide the most comprehensive audits possible to maximize security.
How do smart contract audits work?
Smart contract audits are comprehensive reviews of code to identify vulnerabilities. Experts analyze program logic, functionality, and stress test boundaries. The goal is discovering weaknesses, bugs, and exploits so developers can address them before launch. Audits make contracts secure and production-ready.

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