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How much does an audit contest cost?
Our audit contests are extremely cost-effective. Clients pay a small fixed fee to post a bounty for community participation. The more issues found, the more the rewards paid from that bounty. We handle verifying issues and payouts to make it simple. The collective insights greatly outweigh the small fixed cost. Ready to tap into community expertise and boost your security? Request an audit today to get started.
How do audit contests work?
Our audit contests incentivize the community to review code. We post bounties and developers compete to find vulnerabilities. The more issues discovered, the more rewards earned. It amplifies our auditing with diverse skills. We verify each submission, pay findings accordingly, and inform clients of all vulnerabilities so they can fix before launch. This allows tapping collective insights to supercharge audits.
Are your audits guaranteed?
Our audits follow best practices and are conducted by top experts, but we can't guarantee all vulnerabilities will be discovered. Code is complex and new risks emerge constantly. We make no guarantees but provide the most comprehensive audits possible to maximize security.
How do smart contract audits work?
Smart contract audits are comprehensive reviews of code to identify vulnerabilities. Experts analyze program logic, functionality, and stress test boundaries. The goal is discovering weaknesses, bugs, and exploits so developers can address them before launch. Audits make contracts secure and production-ready.